SAFETY is our utmost concern in our design and some of the many features incorporated are:-


"Soft Stop"

If the key switch (ignition switch) is turned off when in motion then the vehicle will be slowed to a stop as if the control pedal had been released, similarly if the direction switch is operated when in motion then the car is slowed down to a stop before reversing direction at the normal acceleration rate.


"High Pedal Lockout"

If the key switch is turned 'on' whilst the accelerator pedal is depressed then the motor controller will lock out the system, the pedal will then have to be released the key switch turned off and back on again before movement can be achieved.



This condition is automatically put into operation when certain actions have been taken such as when the battery charger is connected or when 'freewheel' has been selected, and as the title suggests the motor is inhibited from operating.


"Remote Stop"

A radio controlled remote stop device is fitted as standard which gives the supervisor the ability to bring the car to a stop from a distance of up to 150m.


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